lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

Random Parade, Random Lucha Libre Fight, Rah Rah!

Hey! A little while ago this random parade passed me on the street. These random parades and concerts in the middle of the day are super common here. I think it was a parade for like the 127th anniversary of the art school that i'm taking painting classes at. That calls for a PARADE! Complete with a band and big puppets and ladies with pineapples on their heads:

On a related note, Andrea and i recently stumbled apon this free lucha libre wrestling match in the square outside that same art school (we live on the big hill in the background where the huge mexican flag is. The flag's far larger than our house):

All clowns are scary but mexican clowns are the scariest!

A local artists' brilliant lucha libre-inspired artistic moral dilema (i don't know if you can see the detail, he's trying to decide between the virgin mary and bodyslamming a naked lady):

xo Tim

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dj KerO dijo...

Que fantasica! Me encantan las fotos y thrilling cybercafe internal dialogue of Tim v Enrique Iglesias. Almost as intense as you-know-what (Holy Lucha Libre)!

So when are the midwifery photos coming, Andrea? Mas bebes! Mas placentitas!

DC misses yuuu's...
-Dj KerO!