domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2007

Our House

So we've settled into our little house/apartment. There's a big mean roof dog that barks at us every time he sees us. Here are a couple of photos of our house. The outdoor picture is a block from our house. We live on the panoramica, so we have a great view of the downtown from our neighborhood.

Our friend Liz's mom recently insisted that her family go on an 'Extreme Mayan Adventure' tour in Cancún. We were so inspired by that, we named our blog after it!

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katherine dijo...

i can't wait to come see it ! ! ! it looks beautiful there. alex and i have been checking on airfare for feb. probably the 1st or 2nd week, sound cool?

x o x k

Michelle dijo...

Hi Andrea and Tim! I just sent you both a card and ironically enough...I asked if you two had room for two more gueros! Who knew?! Anyway, the blog is awesome - some parts are hysterical - especially if you've Nacho Libre. Glad to be in touch and best wishes from San Diego to you!
Take care and speak soon!

Michelle & Tony