sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2007

Arte Callejero

I'm sitting in what must be the most noisy internet cafe in all of oaxaca if not mexico if not the americas if not the world. To my left, there's a kid playing mario brothers with sound at full blast, behind me two girls sitting at two different computers listening to downloaded romantica music. They're all competing with eachother for soundspace, and the room's teeeeny. They keep inching up the volume on there speakers. This is getting RIDICULOUS!

Anyways, I wanted to post up some nice pictures of street art i've seen here in oaxaca. The fine art of painting street signs for busineses, concerts, lucha libre wrestling matches, and political campaigns is alive and well here. And these painters people really know their fonts, which is something i can get behind.
An ad/mural for a lucha libre match:

Wait the noise situation in this internet place just got even more ridiculous: The two girls are now listening to the SAME song, but they're at different parts in the song. It's Enrique Iglesias' new single. It's a sea of Enrique and it's at full blast!

There's also tons of silkscreened and woodblock prints wheatpasted up around the city and lots of spaypainted stencils and art,,, mostly politically charged stuff. I just got back from a workshop about silkscreen and stencil making with a good handful of these artists who are working in the realm of activist art.


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Cold dijo...

this looks fantastico! keep up the postings! i totally remember internet cafe chaos from Ukraine and it's pretty much exactly as you described it..