lunes, 22 de octubre de 2007

Field Trip! Pt 1: San Augustine Etla

Hey! Yesterday I (Tim) went on a Sunday field trip with the kiddies in the art class that I help teach. We (4 teachers and 30-some kids age 5 to 15) hopped on a bus to San Augustine Etla, a town up in the hills about a half hour outside of Oaxaca city. Fun!

First we headed to a little workshop that makes cool paper using local plants for fibers and dyes. Then we went to CASA, an old fabric factory that's been turned to a beautiful art school/gallery. I took a week-long class in poster design there last month and the posters we made are on exhibition in the gallery space. Here's what the day looked like...


The 3 teachers.

The factory-turned-gallery.

Our posters on display.

These are the two posters i made for the course. The posters we made were illustrations for a kindof social-justice-themed ABC book that the teacher wrote. I got the letters K for Kiosko (gazebo in the town sqare, talking about the importance of public communal space, and I made a gazebo-head guy) and T de Tierra (earth, talking about environmental stuff, I made an earth sawing itself in half like lumber).
More kids, on crazy steps.

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Susie dijo...

I love these posters! Make them into postcards and send me one!!